Under-Performing Super is Costing Australians their Retirement

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Government Superannuation Productivity Report

3 Main Issues Costing Australians their Retirement 

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts means extra costs to Australians. The problem is so large there is around 5.6 million people hold multiple accounts costing members $2.6 billion a year in unnecessary fees.


Currently 4.6 million Australians are in under-performing super, Retail and Industry Funds included!  

This could be costing you $660,000 over the course of your working life. These Fund Managers consistently rank well below benchmark indexes.

High Fees

Many Australian's Super balances are being eroded by unnecessary fees that they aren't even aware of.

Many funds have been shown to have excessive and unwarranted high fees.

If your super is in an underperforming fund it could cost  you $660,000

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